Ideas for this blog… #1

I think I might brainstorm out loud on what I’m going to talk about here. I guess the way I see it in the long run is a place to express my thoughts about current events relating to my interests. But the other point of a blog is for people to read it. Since I would call most of my interests intellectually intense and complex, I would like to find a way to lighten what I want to say and have posts that most people would like to read. People tend to like short and sweet blog entries, so the more concise I can say it, the better. Since I would like people I know to read this, I may fall back on traditional journal type entries on occasion if I do anything worth mentioning. Unfortunately, most of my days consist of thinking about complex (i.e. – boring) issues when I am not being social, so a day-to-day journal would probably not be interesting nor is it what I want.  I will outline potential subjects in later posts.


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