Ideas for this blog… #2

EconEconomics – I have a deep interest in following current economic events and commentary.  I am not formally educated in the subject.  The only economics class I took was in high school, it might even have been middle school, I’m not sure.  Still, I feel I am fairly well versed about the parts of economics that interest me, and I plan on reading a textbook someday and taking some classes eventually. For now, my economic opinions come from those I enjoy to read.  I can see myself reproducing my favorite commentary here, likely with an extra jolt of optimism.  On occasion people ask me what I think about what’s going on with the economy (especially now) and this would seem the perfect place to let everyone know.  I’d like to keep it simple so most people would like to read it even if they don’t have much interest in economics itself. I think that’s going to be much easier said than done.


2 Responses to “Ideas for this blog… #2”

  1. Greg Sollenberger Says:

    Hey, Mike! I can recommend a textbook, but it’ll cost you! The book, that is, not the recommendation. “Pricing Theory” by Steven E. Landsburg, goes for around $140, and is a very good intro to Microeconomics. Landsburg also writes for “Slate.” He’s an economist who has very recently (and very strongly) influenced my opinions. Anyway, I had to use that text for a class recently, to increase my actuarial powers or something. After passing the final exam, I leveled up. I can now cast “Refute Hippie” spell three times a day.

  2. Greg Sollenberger Says:

    Oh, and nice blog. I like having a place to spout my opinions, too.

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