What’s Up – 1 April 2009

dancingSo, I have a friend who has offered to give Alice and I ballroom dancing lessons so we can be prepared for our wedding. This is very nice of her because otherwise I can’t see us going through with it. We’ll be able to pick the song we want to dance to and learn a couple of the traditional dances (waltz, foxtrot, ect.).

GrossLast night Alice and I saw a 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics, David J. Gross, give a long talk on particle physics and string theory. I don’t remember when I first heard about string theory.  Apparently, some form of it’s been around for 41 years, though I think the present theory started much later. I think elementary particle physics was what got me interested in physics the first place, and I still have a fascination with it even if the excitement it caused didn’t last me all the way through grad school. I do still enjoy what I do on a day to day basis, and can’t think of a better way to ride out what is likely to be the worst economy of my lifetime (fingers crossed).


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