The Perils of Flossing

brushingI thought nothing could go wrong from flossing my teeth.  I was doing something healthy even if I didn’t do it often enough.  The worst that would happen is a little bleeding, right?  Wrong!  I broke off a chunk of my molar that measures 5mm/3mm/2mm (3/16″ by 2/16″ by 1/16″).  That’s huge!  Just by pulling the floss out.  Since it happened on a Friday I have to wait until Monday to get it repaired.  And I’m lucky someone canceled, my original appointment was for the 14th of April (though I could still go to the emergency clinic Monday morning).  I bet the dentist is going to blame it on fracturing my tooth due to grinding them while sleeping and recommend I get a $300 (vs. $1000 at most private practices) bite guard.  I’ll probably take him up on it after this.  It’s freaky when parts of your mouth come flying out – I’ve had plenty of nightmares where I’m spitting my teeth out.

Cracking my tooth by flossing reminds me of another hazard of preventative dental care: gum recession due to harsh brushing. We received no warnings about the ferocity of our daily routine, and I would say it was essentially encouraged. That is, until we started complaining about sensitive gums. Then they kindly tell us to take it easy as if they hadn’t done something to initiate the irreversible erosion.

No real pain yet. I hope that lasts until Monday. I also hope I avoid slicing open my cheek from the now sharp point where my tooth use to be.


One Response to “The Perils of Flossing”

  1. RiemannIntegirl Says:

    Holy crap! Sorry to hear it… I often find myself making excuses not to floss because it is such a pain in the a$$. I kind of wish they had left my wisdom teeth in, because before I had them taken out, my teeth were just crowded enough that it seemed no food could EVER penetrate between the teeth, nor could floss. Now I have been burdened with this daily ridiculousness with my “spacious” new mouth (though after frustrating orthodontia my teeth are miraculously JUST as crooked or more than they were before the fact… I think it’s all just a money making scheme…)

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