Facebook Advertising Works!

facebookHi all, and thank you everyone who stopped by my website either now or who are returning. WordPress lets their users see a wide variety of statistics about their blog. It’s neat to know what people are doing and how much they are doing it (without knowing specifically who it is). My favorite is this graph showing how many unique people come to my blog each day. It seems to be accurate and go by IP address, so the only double counting would be if someone came here on the same day from different computers. So, let me show you what happened when I put a little notice on my Facebook account about my blog.

Number of people visiting my blog per day.

Number of people visiting my blog per day.

Pretty neat, huh? It made me feel good that people cared enough to stop by. When I mention this and future posts on Facebook maybe I’ll get similar spikes in traffic. Perhaps a few will even show up unprompted.


One Response to “Facebook Advertising Works!”

  1. Lacy Pez Says:

    I’m attacking your blog with comments. But just thought I should say, Ive noticed the exact same thing.

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