A happy 2010 outlook.

Economic growth is back in full force, though it will still take til the end of the year for many of those out of work to start feeling it.  I have tried to keep the hopes up of those people who have been struggling for a long time, and it’s been difficult.  GDP in Q4 of 2009 was a whopping 5.7%. Expect to see numbers near and exceeding 4% for the rest of the year.  This is great news, but it’s also historically unremarkable.  Previous recessions were followed by huge increases in growth, and the deeper the recession, the better the recovery.

I spent much of the month of January following the epic upset in Massachusetts.  Scott Brown, a Republican, won the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.  No one could have guessed this at any time in 2009.  It was incredibly entertaining to watch unfold, not the least reason being that I was thrilled with the outcome.  Now it is almost guaranteed that the economically damaging, freedom destroying bills the Democrats were so close to passing are now dead.  I don’t mean to offend people who may be for these bills for whatever reason, but I personally can’t believe we dodged the bullet of health care control at the last possible second in the most unlikely of places.  Even those who are upset must acknowledge the unbelievability of it all.

In other news, I have my first paper, which is exciting.  It wasn’t written by me, but I am currently writing a paper on my own research, and that should be done pretty soon.  Also, I’m going to Portland, OR in March for “March Meeting,” that should be fun.

I will try to get back to posting on here.  Thanks to everyone who checks my blog unprovoked!


2 Responses to “A happy 2010 outlook.”

  1. Nick H. Says:

    fyi health care bill passed…hoping for some commentary

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